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New At NEXT DOOR EBONY: PD Fox, Krave Moore

July 31, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.NextDoorEbony.com!

RUBBED RIGHT: They're a couple of dudes, enjoying a stable relationship together. Krave Moore is a gentle, caring lover to his man, PD Fox. With PD's frequent muscle tightness, Krave is just the type of guy he needs. Today, Krave Moore has arrived home from his job at the gym as a personal trainer to find PD still Fox in bed. PD explains that it hurts for him to move around too much because of his strained muscles. Krave doesn't hesitate in pulling down PD's covers, exposing his nude body, in order to massage the sore spots. He starts on PD's thighs. They're certainly sore from all the heavy lifting PD's been doing down at the construction site where he's been working. As Krave rubs, he notices the inevitable happening...very quickly. PD's penis begins to swell. Krave isn't surprised. He knows PD waits all day for some special love treatment from his man. Krave obliges, taking PD's fat cock in his mouth and sucking the long shaft. He looks into PD's eyes and he feels the hard boner repeatedly reach the back of his throat. This is heaven for PD. It's not long before Krave is laying in bed too, allowing PD to penetrate his ass with that strong, enormous dick. Join these two lovers as they let the concerns and worries of the day melt with some romantic, passionate fucking at www.NextDoorEbony.com!

New At RAGING STALLION: Race Cooper, Shawn Wolfe, Boomer Banks, Trelino, Tyson Tyler, Dato Foland

July 31, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.RagingStallion.com!

INTO DARKNESS: Six intertwined, sweating bodies slither and crawl across each other. Every man finds a partner for fucking. Tyson Tyler plows Shawn Wolfe, adding lots of pelvic gyrations. Trelino's ass belongs to Dato Foland and Race Cooper rides the big fantastic of Boomer Banks' foot of schlong. The bouncing buns and throbbing cocks blend new and familiar faces with skin of every color. The grunting and groaning kick up the heat level. Ultimately, the energy focuses on Shawn, whose inviting ass becomes a black hole, sucking in every cock in sight in a champion gang bang. The men circle 'round. While waiting for their turn at Shawn's ass. Shawn is in a cock trance taking every one inside -- one after the other -- reveling in the pleasure. After each has their turn on Shawn, his mouth welcomes every load. As he takes each one, he jacks off. He can't tell which is pounding faster, his heart or his fist. His eyes roll back into his head as he explodes his built up load, drenching his furry torso in spooge at www.RagingStallion.com!

New At COLT STUDIO: Uncut Trelino

July 31, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.ColtStudio.com!

Young uncut Trelino from Buckshot at www.ColtStudio.com!

New At CIRCLE JERK BOYS: Jonathan Cordona, Mike Chambers

July 31, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.CircleJerkBoys.com!

COURAGE: Jonathan Cordona has been terrorizing Mike at school for being gay. Usually Mike Chambers takes Jonathan's bullying, but not today. For the first time, he stands up to Jonathan in their classroom and is surprised to see that instead of hitting him, Jonathan kisses him. The two can't help but take theirfirst experience further. They take turns sucking each other's cocks and once their inhibitions are gone Jonathan fucks Mike for the first time. He fucks Mike on the teacher's desk and both boys can't help but shoot their loads. Watch and see if they finish before somebody walks in and catches them at www.CircleJerkBoys.com!

New At COCO DORM: Anthony Andrews' 9-Inch Big Black Cock!

July 29, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.CocoDorm.com!

ANTHONY ANDREWS: Age: 23 years old. Zodiac: Pisces Sexual orientation: Gay Bottom. Height: 5'8" tall. Weight: 149. Waist size: 32 inches. Dick size: 9" Cut at www.CocoDorm.com!

New At THE GUY SITE: Roman

July 29, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.TheGuySite.com!

Stacked and Jacked: Roman has one of the best physiques on the site and he doesn't mind showing it off at all. He enjoys his solo so much in fact that he shoots his load twice at www.TheGuySite.com!

New At NEXT DOOR EBONY: PD Fox & Jin Powers

July 29, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.NextDoorEbony.com!

MORNING FUCK: Jin Powers likes to start his mornings off proper: by tugging and sucking his man's enormous cock. PD Fox is still sleeping when Jin rouses from slumber. As Jin rubs PD's growing erection, PD comes to his senses and is pleasantly surprised. Jin pulls down his underwear and jacks his own large dong as he slobs PD's long, strong dick. It's amazing how much of PD's gigantic erection Jin can take. And he sure takes it deep. PD definitely likes a warm mouth around his throbbing beast in the morning. He climbs on top of Jin, positioning his dick for some nice, smooth face fucking. Then it's time for PD to get inside that ass. Jin needs some good, hard pounding in the morning to get himself ready to face the world. Check out PD's lean, powerful ass tighten and release as he thrusts his swollen dong into Jin over and over. He's slamming that sweet hole hard, and before the two sit down for OJ and eggs, both guys are blowing off serious nut loads at www.NextDoorEbony.com!

New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Santiago Figueroa & Leo Sweetwood

July 29, 2014 by Black Studz

RETAIL THERAPY: Leo is at his day job folding clothes at the cash register and Santiago is underwear shopping. So many short shorts to choose from Santiago grabs a few pairs and heads to the dressing room. Leo who is amazing at customer service makes it known that he's here to help out in any way possible. He begins to try on some undies while checking himself out in the mirror and Leo thinks he looks great. Santiago grabs another pair to try on but he is bewildered and can't seem to figure out how this pair works so he asks Leo for some help.

Santiago moves the curtain out of the way and behold Leo sees his huge limp cock just hanging out right in front of his face. Leo gets on his knees puts the undies on Santiago and ties a bow around that big fat dick and looks up into his eyes as he takes the thick meat into his mouth. Santiago's cock is growing faster than Leo can handle and almost chokes on it but he loves to gag on man meat. Luckily the store has just closed and the last customer will be receiving the full customer service treatment. Leo eats that smooth tight ass while sucking Santiago's cock and hummering those big balls of his. Leo bends him over the bench and spreads his ass wide open and slowly pushes all the way in. Pumping that ass nice and hard Santiago loves every inch of it and he loves the way Leo is fucking his tight ass at www.EXTRABIGDICKS.com!

New At COLT STUDIO: Chris Dickerson

July 29, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.ColtStudio.com!

Chris Dickerson. The first COLT Men were photographed in forests, by seashores, and were naturally hairy men. They posed in front of mirrors and used lighting to capture the true essence in each photograph. Only a few of the men smiled or looked at you. Most of the time, it was inadvertent, as though pried out of a private moment. COLT Men were breezy sun-gold blondes with huge pectorals and gigantic thighs. They were tall, clean cut boys, dancer-athletes, with muscular butts. Some, like COLT Man Steve Kelso, exuded a distinctly blue-collar, working-guy erotic charge. Others were leather-clad hairy men who were dangerous, “fast,” and you had no idea what you were getting into.

A few early COLT Men were amazingly worked-out, but others were just a few steps beyond the ordinary, perhaps from sports or just good genes. And so Big Max, Al Parker, and Bruno seemed possible, even accessible, as sex partners or lovers. Would you be surprised to know that Big Max (we called him “Bluto”) had a master’s degree in Victorian Lit? Or that the Cuban-born Bruno is a real sweetheart, or that Al was as hot as he looked on film and just as good in the sack as you’d imagined? The same goes for our more contemporary list of COLT Men such as, COLT Men Carlo Masi and Adam Champ who were real-life boyfriends that met on the set of Waterbucks II. COLT Men Luke Garrett and Gage Weston were also boyfriends and both have high-powered jobs in corporate America. The list of amazing muscular studs, leather hairy men, and clean cut boys goes on and on at www.ColtStudio.com!

Dakota, Chris Dickerson & John Tristram threesome video preview from www.ColtStudio.com!

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New At COLLEGE DUDES: Isaiah Douglas Fucks Tristian Stiles

July 27, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.COLLEGEDUDES.com!

Isaiah Douglas Fucks Tristian Stiles. Isaiah Douglas is fresh meat here on the College Dudes set, and we're definitely excited to break him in! This criminal justice major is lean and muscular and he's got quite the cock on him...he's a little nervous to get started, but once the clothes come off and Tristan Stiles starts getting him warmed up, we see his wild side emerge! He pushes Tristan onto the bed and chokes on his dick, sucks on his balls and gives him a nice wet rimjob before Tristan gets to taste Isaiah's huge chocolate cock! And we're not exaggeratingâ?¦Isaiah's so well slung that Tristan can't even get that mammoth meat halfway in his mouth before gagging! But Tristan's not afraid to take that thick cock up his ass as he bends over and offers his tight hole to Isaiah, who shoves his dick right in and pumps Tristan's ivory ass full of his black beast of a cock! Tristan takes that huge cock like a champ, cringing as his ass gets stretched around Isaiah's thick prick, and the two continue to fuck until Tristan can't hold back anymore and shoots his load, then gets on his knees to receive Isaiah's hot jizz in his mouth! But Tristan's not done yet...he's got a second round stored up and busts a nut into Isaiah's waiting mouth at www.COLLEGEDUDES.com!


July 27, 2014 by Black Studz

If you happen to live in the Dallas Texas area, you probable know these two buddies. Rex and Ricky have been friends with benefits for quite so time and they have been know to put on live shows from time to time. They are quite the unlikely pairing but believe me it works. You can tell these two know how to please each other. Ricky is tall and shredded from head to toe with a perfect muscled ass and a big fat 9-inch Black cock. Rex and his shaved head and tan toned body with a big fat cock of his own has to be the reason that these two have remained friends for so long. The boys took a naked dip in the pool before they traded blow jobs and fucked at www.SOUTHERNSTROKES.com!

IT'S GONNA HURT's Training Day

July 27, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.ITSGONNAHURT.com!

Here's the deal... We brought in this guy Alexander for this weeks it's gonna hurt update. Alexander is a really fit Jacked dude who wanted to suck on a big fat black cock. Luckily for him I know Castro! Castro had no problem dropping his draws for a good looking guy to slob on his knob. After a filthy cock sucking Castro stuff's his giant cock in a nice tight asshole and it was painfully sweet with a great big load on the face at www.ITSGONNAHURT.com!

THUG HUNTER's Getting Lo On The Beezy

July 27, 2014 by Black Studz
From www.THUGHUNTER.com!

This week we were wandering around the hood. With my homeboy and we found this "Thug" hanging around the back of some seedy alley. As soon as we appoached him he was very aggressive about us recording him with my camera. I convinced him that I wasnt a cop or a televagelist, just a dude looking for a blow job from a "Beezy". He was gonna take us to some bitches, but then I stopped him short and offered him 5 times what I would pay for a ho, If he were to suck my homeboys dick instead. Thats when Mr. Thug got from being aggressive towards us to being aggressive to the cock in his mouth. He was a total natural at taking that cock, especially in the ass, He looked like he was really enjoying it. One thing you can always count on is that in the Hood Money talks, and just about any thug will do anything for it. ANYTHING at www.THUGHUNTER.com!







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