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New At THUG BOY: Anaconda's 11-Inch Snake!

December 26, 2013 by Black Studz

You won't believe what's in store this week until you see Anaconda for the first time on Thugboy. This cat is ripped with a huge ass dick and happens to be a full-time stripper. Anaconda is named that for a reason and when he whips out his piece you understand why. He puts on a sexy ass show for you all showing off all the assets from his ripped 6-pack, big dick, long dreads and tight ass. It's a full package. After he busts his nut he hangs out for an interview answering some questions for everybody at!

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New At COCO DORM: Saint D2's 9-Incher!

December 26, 2013 by Black Studz

Age: 30 Zodiac: Sagittarius Sexual orientation: Bi-Sexual Sexual preference: Versatile Relationship status: Single Skin complexion: Medium Hair color: Black Eye color: Brown Height: 5'11" Weight: 150 Waist size: 32 Dick size: 9" Uncut at!

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New At RAW RODS: K Fierce Rockafella + Ricky D Rockafella

December 26, 2013 by Black Studz

Well this is K Fierce's first time doing porn and he gets paired up with someone that has been doing porn for a while. Ricky D has been in the game for a minute and I know this nigga know how to work. As far as I'm concerned this is a true versatile gangsta. His as is so fucking smooth and he has a huge dick. Well about 90% of the Rockafellaz have big dicks, but shit, look at this dick. This nigga has bout a 10.5 cut piece and it's nice as fuck too. Smooth, soft and ready for something special, but not in this scene, cuz in this one Ricky gets fucked. After a small introduction of the two to each other and the ones at home watching, we get down to business. Lots of dick sucking and Ricky loved how K Fierce's ass was tasting as he told me afterwards. The scene was definitely hot, but I know at the end you all are going to wonder when and where did K Fierce bust his nut. I'm going to give you a hint, he busted a nut while Ricky was riding him. I know that nut bust musta felt good as fuck. Where did it go? The world may never know at!

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New At MIX IT UP BOY: Blain Tutera + Noah Shyboy Jackson

December 26, 2013 by Black Studz

Noah runnin across Blain somewhere in Miami and Noah invites him over to his hotel room. In no time Noah's dick is out and Blain gets all over that with his juicy lips. He is going down on it hard, swallowing every lil inch of it until it's ready for his ass. Once Noah is in there he ain't stopping, banging that white boy til he's gotta bust that nut! These two put on quite the show just goin at it non stop with Blain swallowing all that juice! at!

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New At COCO DORM: Taethedoug Xmas

December 25, 2013 by Black Studz

TAETHEDOUG share his BBC holiday gift with you! Age: 22 years old. Zodiac: Cancer. Sexual orientation: Gay Versatile. Relationship status: Single. Height: 5'7" tall. Weight: 135 pounds. Waist size: 30 inches. Dick size: 8" Cut at!

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New At SEAN CODY: Chad

December 24, 2013 by Black Studz

Super cute CHAD is one fine specimen of man meat. It isn't often that Sean Cody features hairy guys let alone dark skinned guys so Chad was quit the treat and his cock certainly won't disappoint at!

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December 24, 2013 by Black Studz

Lean Jamaican WAYNE gets naked at!

New At NEXT DOOR EBONY: Marc Williams, Brandon Jones

December 24, 2013 by Black Studz

HUNG FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Join this sweet holiday couple in the bedroom as they let the season joyously come alive! Marc Williams is about to embark on a business trip that'll take him away from his boyfriend, Brandon Jones, for the Christmas weekend. Even though they won't be together, the magic of Christmas will find a way! Marc is giving Brandon a gift before he leaves. It's big, it's red, and it's only for an experienced's a gigantic dildo!! A present to keep Brandon busy while his man is out of town. But before Marc leaves, they're having a passionate romp in the spirit of the Season. Watch Brandon enjoy in his mouth Marc's fat, hard cock, all the way down to the base. And Marc's not leaving without a mouthful of Brandon's beautiful holiday boner to tide him over. Brandon's even prepared a special treat for Marc: figuring they'd bang at least once before Marc leaves, Brandon woke up extra early this morning, when not a creature was stirring, and dipped his balls in a chilled bowl of cranberry sauce. When Marc takes a full mouth of Brandon's nuts, he gets a wonderful holiday surprise! And to make sure Brandon won't need to use the dildo too soon, at least not until later in the afternoon, Marc's pounding Brandon's sweet hole. Watch this romantic, cheerful fuck and let the warm magic melt your heart and stiffen your dick at!

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December 22, 2013 by Black Studz

In a quaint, hand-built wooden house located somewhere on the smallest island of a long-forgotten archipelago, Ramsees materializes before you in the mist and palm trees. He enters the house. He removes his shirt in front of a mirror, then turns to you and smiles. You realize that somehow, in some strange way, Ramsees is compelling you simply by use of his willpower. You notice that with each passing moment, you have an increasing desire to feast your eyes upon Ramsees's cock. And finally he does unsheathe his large, swollen dong. When he does, you feel pangs as you realize you yearn for this man's dick to be in your mouth. As he strokes, his eyes keep meeting yours. You want to reach out and grab his beautiful, stiff meat for yourself! But you know that before you can, you must let go of the separateness between you and him. You must let yourself erupt in ecstasy before you can become one. To come with Ramsees, you must first cum with Ramsees at!

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IT'S GONNA HURT Country white boy Mark tries big black dick

December 22, 2013 by Black Studz

It's Gonna Hurt is back with another exciting update. Mark has no idea what he got himself into. He wants dick, but he hasn't had a dick like Izzy's. Izzy has a foot long cock thats fat like a baseball-bat. Mark was in disbelief once Izzy pulled the dick out. No worries! That didn't stop Mark from getting what he wanted. He got a whole lot of pain at!

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THUG HUNTER's Corner Thug

December 22, 2013 by Black Studz

We found a thug in the corner of some hood supermarket. he looked kind of dangerous, so obviously we had found our mark. WE stopped him and talked for a bit and we got to talking about making money. I then offered him an insane amount of money if he would suck my friends dick. He refused at first, but then we assured him that no one would know (except everyone on the internet) now hes sucking dick and taking it in the ass and he never knew how much hes loving it. Flipped out another thug at!

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