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New At COCO DORM: Prince DJ

September 29, 2013 by Black Studz

Cute young PRINCE DJ. Age: 22 Zodiac: Sagittarius Sexual orientation: Gay Sexual preference: Versatile Relationship status: Single Skin complexion: Medium Hair color: Black Eye color: Brown Height: 6'1" Weight: 155 Waist size: 29 Dick size: 8.5" Cut at!

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New At THUG BOY: Armani + Romeo St. James

September 29, 2013 by Black Studz

Romeo St. James gets a visit from a messenger, Armani that was sent by The Rockafellaz. Armani is sent there to do a job and Romeo doesn’t know what’s going on, besides that he was given instructions as well. Romeo not gone let things go down just any kind of way. He knows what is going to happen if he doesn’t follow the instructions that were left for him. Romeo St. James plays along with Armani for now, but once the clothes get off, it seems like all bets might be off. Armani sucks Romeos dick and Romeo fucks Armani in ways to make it known at!

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New At MIX IT UP BOY: Anubis and Brian Werner

September 29, 2013 by Black Studz

Anubis picked himself up some euro hotboi from tha club. Gotta have some white meat every once in a while too ya kno. This frenchie sho knows how to suck a big dick, all passionate n shit like they do it in europe land, but when it's Anubis turn to lay some pipe da motha fucka hits dat shit real good. Brian takes dat dick no problem and Anubis keeps givin it. They be fuckin every way possible at!

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New At RAW RODS: Kristian Dawawan + Travis Davis

September 29, 2013 by Black Studz

Kristian and Travis discuss a fight that went down with two of their homeboys. Kristian tells Travis that he heard his dick sucking was good and wanted to find out. Travis is game so he starts to suck Kristian's dick then gets bent over and eaten out. Kristian had more planned than just tryin out his mouth, so he slips his big dick up Travis' tight hole to see how that feels too. Travis can't keep quiet while Kristian is dicking him down. Kristian lays that pipe hard and deep and before long busts a big ass nut all over Travis' face. Travis finishes by busting all over his stomach and they decide to keep their fucking a secret so no more fights break out at!

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New At NEXT DOOR EBONY: Nubius, Draven Torres

September 28, 2013 by Black Studz

Getting Physical. It's two gorgeous guys meeting up for some explosively sexy action! Draven was a little bored and VERY horny, so he got online to check out personal ads. When he found Nubius's ad, he knew it was a bull's eye. He couldn't call Nubius over fast enough. By the time the handsome stranger from the classifieds arrived, Draven was totally nude, fully throbbing, and ready to play nasty. Draven went right down for Nubius's incredibly thick cock. Draven loves extra large dicks in his mouth and Nubius was happy to accommodate. Then Nubius returned the favor by slurping Draven's hard dong and tasting his sweet hole as well. Once Nubius could tell Draven was ready to take that enormous cock deep, he positioned his new friend and worked his hard boner inside Draven. It was one of the biggest Draven had ever experienced, but he knew there was no turning back. Nubius slowly began working his dick in and out faster. Finally, he was pounding Draven's ass extremely hard, the way they do on TV late at night. It was an experience that Draven would never forget, just for the fact it left him breathless at!

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New At STAXUS: Monster Cocks: Drew Brody calls for IT help – Then fucks the life out of the responder with his mammoth dick! HD

September 28, 2013 by Black Studz

Computers are wonderful things – until, that is, they stop working properly! Fortunately for the suited-and-booted businessman, Drew Brody, he’s got his very own IT nerd on standby in the form of Kurt Maddox for all these kind of irritating occasions. Not that Brody’s attention remains on his IT issue for long once the bespectacled assistant arrives on the back of his call for assistance. For not only has the buff, domineering black guy got a problem with his laptop, he’s also got quite a considerable issue to contend with in his pants – as Maddox very quickly discovers when he’s bundled down to the floor and invited to take a look at the burgeoning ramrod between Brody’s thighs. Of course, anyone who’s seen Brody in action before will know exactly what to expect, but even so it’s still hard not to be bowled over by the sheer enormity of the fellow’s cock as it quite literally bounces into view, almost knocking Maddox’s glasses off in the process! To his total credit, the youngster manhandles the said equipment with unquestionable relish and determination; first slurping on the mammoth dick, almost dislocating his jaw in the process, before proceeding to take every inch of the beast once Brody has given his tight little ass-hole a thorough rimming in preparation. Not that anything can really prepare you for a dick on this scale, and it’s no surprise that Maddox is soon squealing in delight in the wake of such mindless violation. It comes as some relief to the youngster, therefore, when Brody concludes by spraying a equally oversized wad all over the twink’s face at!

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New At UK HOT JOCKS: Sam Barclay & Junior Price

September 28, 2013 by Black Studz

Junior is seen making a deal on the phone, we don’t know whom to but it looks like he’s rigging the show with one of the producers in exchange for a taste of his meaty 8.5” cock! So it’s the final! Only two contestants left, only one can be crowned the UK’s Next Top Hot Jock! And the winner is… Junior! (Though he and we knew this). Pretending to be shocked, he covers his mouth, hugs fellow finalist Tyson and like a good boy he thanks his mum, adorable! Back in his hotel suite, he’s quaffing Champagne and chilling out in nothing but a jock strap after a hard days winning. There’s a knock at the door and who should it be but the shows presenter Sam. He walks straight in, applauding and congratulating him. Junior asks what he’s doing there, “Well you won the contest, I’ve come to collect what you owe me” Now we know who was on the phone! Not putting up much of a fight, Junior shrugs and goes in for a kiss. Making good use of the suite and the plush bed, Junior gives Sam what he’s been craving. Kissing turns into sloppy, wet cock sucking then into hard fucking, Sam taking every inch again and again! Congratulations Junior indeed at!

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