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New At RAW RODS: Brandon Long + Domino Star

October 31, 2012 by Black Studz

Domino is headed home and stumbles into his neighbor Brandon comin down the stairs. After getting a feel of his tight ass Domino asks if they can kick it at his place cause nothin is more fun than gettin dat dick wet. He wants to know what Brandon is all about so he pulls out his big dick and has Brandon work on that for a while. You gonna be surprised how well that shorty takes a huge raw dick. It definitely looks like he's done this shit befo. Theyre fuckin so good even the dog is barking! Domino puts a huge load all over Brandons back then peaces out after emptying his nuts at!

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New At MIX IT UP BOY: Cayden Cooper & Jesse Rabbit

October 31, 2012 by Black Studz

Cayden struttin his stuff at the pool when Jesse Rabbit practically swims right into him. Cayden likes what he sees and strikes up a conversation with Jesse who's hella exhausted from all that swimming. The two head back to Jesse's crib to chill, but there ain't no chillin cuz Cayden is all over Jesse and pulling down his pants to reveal a that brotha's big dick and stuff it in his mouth. He's really liking that pipe, once it's hard it's enormous. Cayden then let's Jesse play with his piece and then starts fuckin him on the couch. Legs wide open he doesn't have any trouble hammering that ass. When he's ready to cum he makes sure Jesse's mouth is waiting for that nut and the total freak he is he passionately kisses Jesse gettin a taste of his own juice at!

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New At THUG BOY: Dejuan Diamond + King Ducci

October 31, 2012 by Black Studz

King Ducci was lookin for some good shit when he finds Dejuan in the alley. Dejuan says he's got some back at his crib so they both head over there. Doesn't take long before they both droppin trou and gettin they dicks out. King Ducci straight up loves to fuck. He gets his fat dick to the back of Dejuans throat and humps his face for a lil bit before getting a taste of Dejuans big booty. He drills Dejuan deep and hard slappin his nuts up on him and goin in for more. Tha King finishes by dumping a huge load of warm nut all over Dejuans face while he laps it up to get a taste at!

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New At COCO DORM: Dejuan Diamond + Koriss

October 31, 2012 by Black Studz

Korris is spendin the night over at Dejuans crib, gettin a little break from his girlfriend. Dejuan sets up the bed for him but Korris is horny as hell. He gets Dejuan down on his dick and tells him he sucks it better than his girl. You know Korris isn't just happy with some head tho and he stuffs Dejuans tight ass and gets him backing it up on it. They bust dat nut and Dejuan lets Korris know to stop by again anytime his girl gets mad at!

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New At EXTRA BIG DICKS: Ty Lattimore

October 28, 2012 by Black Studz

Ty Lattimore makes his debut with us this week. Ty is 36yo and originally from Oakland. He moved here to Miami after living in Atlanta for a while. He misses the sex life he had back in the ATL. Well, he must be doing something wrong cuz the 305 is swimming with way hotter men. Not that we're biased. He does admit he loves the Latin and bi-racial men here in South Florida. Then there's the foreskin phenomenon he's found himself immersed in. Ty tends to like things on the wild side and admits he's never been a fan of vanilla. The kinky persona he exudes on film is reflective of who he is off cam. He started messing around at 13 and living so close to San Francisco he was exposed to many things. He started fisting at 20 then got into leather and hardcore water sports. He is all about the hardcore and today he's excited to debut the new hardware now that he's sporting his own Prince Albert at!

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New At ASIAN BOY NATION: Hahn Kim & Intrigue Fox

October 28, 2012 by Black Studz

Intrigue Fox is thick and stiff from the start. Seeing Hahn's moist warm mouth only excites him more; "yeah fuckin' suck on this dick" he tells Hahn. Gulping down and deep throating, Hahn fingers himself and jerks to prepare. "Hell yeah," says the top, slapping his cock against the bottom's face. Getting comfortable on a bed, Intrigue Fox sits while Hahn happily chokes. Licking his balls and up his shaft, Hahn moans, "yeah" when Intrigue Fox asks if Hahn, "wants to feel that dick." Grabbing Hahnís head, Intrigue Fox puts the boy's mouth right where he wants it. The top then picks up the boy and puts him straight onto his cock. "Take that dick," Intrigue Fox says, holding onto the boy's hips for control. From the side, wow; Hahn is so enthralled with the feeling of Intrigue Fox, from the inside; he actually smiles at the camera while he rides. I go behind to zoom in on Hahn's pounding; the boy moans while Intrigue Fox says, "ride it" and spanks his boy. Thrusting his hips and grinding on the top, Hahn then holds on while Intrigue Fox lunges from below. Intrigue Fox manipulates the boy, putting him into a missionary position and fucks his hole; both guys are on the verge. "Like that?" Asks Intrigue Fox; Hahn whimpers, "yeah." "Oh my God," yells Hahn as he shoots from head to pubes. Intrigue Fox goes for a few more pumps before he blasts a load onto the beautiful face of Hahn, gleefully waiting. A thick creamy load splatters the boy's face; Hahn finishes with sucking out the last drop of Intrigue Fox's juices at!

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New At AUSTIN WILDE: Beating the Heat

October 28, 2012 by Black Studz

As the late Summer heat radiates through wispy, swirling clouds, Austin Wilde lounges poolside. He's oiling himself up so he'll tan evenly. His skin glistens as the sun warms it. The heat always makes Austin's fat cock hard, and today's no exception. He pulls it slowly to reveal a nice erection. Next he takes off his swimsuit altogether to relax a bit more and warm up with some deep strokes, up and down his firm, meaty dick. The wind kicks up a bit as Austin bends over for a change of pace. Then he lies down to finish off with intense, passionate jerking. Don't miss this hot, poolside solo that'll make you sweat at!

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New At STR8 BOYS FUCKING: "Don't Run Away"

October 28, 2012 by Black Studz

Casey instinctively backs away when this six foot two black dude and his huge swinging cock climbs on top of the girl we hired to fuck both of them. "Don't run away!" Freddie taunts Casey as he starts pounding Noel missionary style. Still intimidated by Freddie and his massive meat, Casey slowly moves closer to the hardcore action, stroking his own cock getting ready for his turn. Freddie pulls out and turns Noel around so she can suck on his fat shaft. Casey moves in from behind, grabbing her ass checks and sliding his hard dick into Noel doggy style. No longer intimidated by Freddie's huge black cock, Casey kneels right beside him to watch as shoots his wad at!

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