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New At TIM TALES: CutlerX and Italo

September 15, 2012 by Black Studz

Many of you asked when Cutlerx fucks Italos´amazing butt and here you go! Not many bottoms are able to take Cutlers huge meat and rough fucking but Italo´s hole is just made for huge cocks like this, so he really enjoyed that hard hole treatment CutlerX gave him at!

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BLACK 'N HUNG D Total Pack

September 15, 2012 by Black Studz

DTotalPack is a beefy model on Black Stud Society. He's a 6' tall, 33-year old phat hunk at!

New At DARK THUNDER: Brooklyn & Intrigue

September 15, 2012 by Black Studz

Intrigue likes the hands on approach, giving his buddy Brooklyn a full body massage. Its not long before Brooklyn rolls over to reveal his huge throbbing cock and Intrigue never one to shy away, lends a hand,stroking and sucking Brooklyn's member. After some very meaty cock swapping, Brooklyn can no longer hold back and rides Intrigues thick shaft like a rodeo cowboy at!

New At RAW & ROUGH: "White Boy Trouble 1 & 2"

Dallas Chalmers and his white boy posse, Chane Adams and Bud, go to the Blake house to harass the new black family that moved into the neighborhood. Screaming racial slurs outside the Blake house, the white boys want the Blakes to "Get the fuck out and go back to Africa where you fuckin' belong." Bobby, Flex and Chris, three bad ass mother fuckin' huge black Blakes, immediately head outside to deal with these punks. The Blakes seize control of the three white boys, beating them down and pissing all over their sorry asses. Once the white boys have been subdued, the Blakes drag them over to Eric Top Stud's dungeon/office and toss the white boys into the "holding pen." While in the pen, Chane is smacked upside the head and then forced to drink Flex's huge load of man piss that he pisses into the dog dish. Chris adds his own stream and they force Chane to chug it all down.

The white boys are then yanked out of the pen. Bobby immediately gets hold of that mouthy Dallas and uses the flogger to wail away on his face while commanding Dallas to kneel and suck his cock. After subduing the white boy posse, Bobby Blake gets hold of Dallas Chalmers and forces Dallas to his knees. Bobby flogs Dallas's face until Dallas submits to sucking Bobby's massive, monster cock. Flex Deon Blake has Bud on the floor and is making Bud gag on his pierced, big dick. Next to them , Chris Blake is forcing Chane Adams to bob on his cock, ramming his meat deep down Chane's throat. Bobby then makes Dallas suck on his brother Chane's cock, before grabbing Chane and making Chane chug down his load of salty man-piss.

The white boys are then forced to strip. Chane is tossed into the tub and made to drink from both Flex and Chris. Bud is tossed into the sling, where Flex gives him a good hard fucking. The men take turns fucking Bud before he's tossed out and Chane is dumped in the sling. There, Bobby slams his gigantic cock past Chane's sphincter and deep into his guts. Bobby tears Chane's hole apart, then yanks his meaty meat out before the men hose Chane down with a torrent of piss. Flex steps in to get his fucking Chane's now gaping hole as Bobby drags Dallas across the room and lays him over Chane, where he gets drenched by his brother's piss stream at!

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New At BLACK BREEDERS: "Even Daddies Need Dick"

September 13, 2012 by Black Studz

What happens when you put two thick dicked breeding bulls together? Well at BlackBreeeders... somebodys gotta give up some ass! We originally had a bottom set to take Gant and Jae on but once he got there and saw the meat he ran. So the two of them looked at each other... and each others rock hard pieces and said, What the fuck; lets fuck! Next time we flipping a coin, and I better get heads. Jae Thats what you call manfucking at!

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New At THUG ORGY: Blaze, Intrigue, Awesome Lovett, Dee Truth and King

September 13, 2012 by Black Studz

The fellas are hard at it, sucking down inch by inch of thick black monster cock before it comes time to 'flip the meat! Intrigue & Blaze tag each other, jammin Lovetts' ebony hole full of 100% prime cock - I swear that couch will never be the same - enjoy. Categories: Group, Interracial, Oral, Anal, Rimming at!

New At MEN ON EDGE: Robert Axel

September 13, 2012 by Black Studz

Robert Axel is a straight muscular stud who is willing to try anything once. He's never been tied up before but he's anxious to find out what edging is all about. He's tied to the metal cross and we cut his clothes off from underneath the rope. His cock gets hard and he gets his first edging. Tied to a wooden beam in the middle of the vast Armory he gets his ass fucked and flogged. We suspend him 20 feet in the air and bring him to the brink of orgasm. Up in the bleachers he gets another dildo shoved up his ass that makes him flex his muscles in the tight ropes. Edging him over and over he cums with the dildo up his ass for the first time. Straight Muscle God edged to the max and begging to cum at!

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New At RAW & ROUGH: "2 Huge Cocks, 1 Lucky Bottom"

September 13, 2012 by Black Studz

"2 Huge Cocks, 1 Lucky Bottom". Chris Kohl is a lucky bottom pig. He gets to take two of the biggest dicks he has ever seen in one room. First up is Matthew Singer, a cute boy-faced stud with a 10 inch cock. Matthew stretches out Chris' pig hole with deep penetrating thrusts. The cameras are up close, to catch all of the juicy action as Matthew's wet cock slides in an out of Chris' well lubed hole. Chris has to take a hit of poppers to get ready for O.M.F.G.'s even bigger black cock. When I saw O.M.F.G.'s cock flop out of his jock for the first time, I didn't think it was real. 14 inches of uncut, wrist thick cock was about to be plunged into Chris' tight white ass. You could see the fear on Chris' face as O.M.F.G started to enter his hole. Before Chris could let out a scream Matthew stuffed his big cock in Chris' mouth to keep him quiet. The two big cock stars fucked Chris from both ends, till they each shot off a huge load. Chris gobbles up the cum he has worked so hard to get. Such a lucky bottom at!

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