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New At THUG HUNTER: What Would A Thug Do For A Straight Hustle?

February 10, 2012 by Black Studz

Try maybe sucking a straight dick. Yo, too many hustlers out here in the streets. Trying to make a fast buck. Why not try flipping them out. That the whats up of whats up in Thug hunter. Find Thugs who think they run game or the hood their in and turn them into twinks for a few hundred bucks. Take for example, this guy we found in the corner of the hood. He was trying to hustle us but we ran game and flipped it on him. Flashed him some cash and the next thing you know he was flossing his teeth with dick. Fed him a few hundred more and he gave up that ass. Thats what's up. So the next time your in the hood, watch your ass or else the thug hunters gonna tap it at!

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New At CFNM SHOW: "Sensual Yoga"

February 10, 2012 by Black Studz

A limber white dude and a horny black guy take part in naked yoga for the enjoyment of some ladies at!

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New At IT'S GONNA HURT: That had to of Hurt...again

February 10, 2012 by Black Studz

Trent Diesel was one of our earlier victims when we were first starting out. Well after taking on Castro and getting his asshole gaped open, he couldn't find another man to satisfy him like that again. So then 2 years later he came back to us, because he knew we had the goods. And like an addict, he had to have is ass hole ripped wide open again. Look like this is gonna hurt...again at!

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February 9, 2012 by Black Studz

Bo's Audition. Sexy football player cums in to squeeze one off for cash at!

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Now Playing At NAKED SWORD: "Construction Zone" With Francisco Macedo, Ramon Lima

February 9, 2012 by Black Studz

Construction Zone speaks to the fantasy held by many that construction workers are just as hot to each other as they are to the rest of us. The idea that these big muscle covered studs Francisco Macedo, Ramon Lima are secretly fucking the shit out of each other on the job is enough to make even the straightest guy start grabbing his cock. No one could translate this kind of fantasy so perfectly to film as Alexander Pictures at!

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February 9, 2012 by Black Studz

Kemancheo Age: 28. Zodiac: Aquarius. Sexual orientation: Gay. Sexual preference: Top. Hair color: Black. Eye color: Brown. Height: 5'9" tall. Weight: 130. Waist size: 30. Dick size: 9.5" Cut at!

New At THUG ORGY: Phoenix, Solo, Blaque Rod, Intrigue, Dragon and Pleasure Boi

February 9, 2012 by Black Studz

It's bareback gangbanging time, and have we got the crew to do it. You won't want to miss a second of these big, fat, black dicks spliting apart ass raw. It's condomless cock at its very best at!

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February 9, 2012 by Black Studz

McKenzie Lee plays a big tittied MILF that gets abducted by a van full of dudes! Interracial gangbang with creampie at!

New At RED HOT LATINOS: Matt Sizemore and Kamrun

February 8, 2012 by Black Studz

Thereís nothing hairy daddy Matt Sizemore likes better than a black boy on his dick, and Kamrun his happy to oblige. Kamrun has a talented mouth and drives Matt crazy as he deep throats his schlong, gagging on all that man meat. Then Matt gets his tongue deep into Kamrunís hole, opening it up and making it moist to take his cock. Grabbing Kamrunís jock strap as a harness, he pulls himself deep into his black boy, pumping a load all over and inside of Kamrunís ass. Then daddy Matt decides he wants to taste a piece of chocolate as well. The sight of Kamrunís black cock sliding into Mattís white ass is beautiful as Kamrun works him over. With Matt back on top of Kamrun, both men explode with lust, spraying each other with white-hot semen at!

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February 8, 2012 by Black Studz

Rumored photos that rapper Kanye West sent to a lady friend, plus some horny shirtless photos of him!

New At BREED ME RAW: Buster Sly and Christian Rock

February 8, 2012 by Black Studz

Normally Buster Sly is the big ol bareback top with his thick black dick but when he was paired up with Christian Rockís white boy meat he quickly showed us how he loves to service white cock. Christian and his bad boy look with all hit tattoos made Buster swallow his thick meat down his throat to get it nice and hard for his ass. Christian couldnít wait to start barebacking that black ass hard while his big balls slapped it. For someone who normally tops Buster sure knew how to take cock in his dark hole at!

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AFRI BOYZ Hard Black Cock!

February 8, 2012 by Black Studz

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New At BLACK BREEDERS: Ice's Audition

February 7, 2012 by Black Studz

Ice and Woo continue to put a hurtin on Marc's ass, and even though he tries to jump off a couple of times there's no dick the Dupree can't handle! Even though a couple of nuts got lost up Marc's ass he made sure to get two down his throat in the end! Ice: Yeah, I could get used to this. Marc: Those two ain't shit they musta been trying to kill me! Woo: You owe me for bringing you this one! at!

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New At RED HOT LATINOS: Lyw Dracko and Michel Bittencourt

February 7, 2012 by Black Studz

Needing to wind down after a hard work out, muscle man Michel Bittencourt sets his eyes on the gym janitor, Lyw Dracko, in the locker room. Kicking over his mop bucket, Michel angers Lyw to the point that Lyw inflicts revenge with the best weapon he has, his rigid cock. Tough black punk Lyw throws Michel up against the lockers, hammering his pole into him. Using Michelís neck tie as a restraint, Lyw makes him deep throat his fat cock, before throwing him over a bench, wrapping the tie around his neck and pushing his face against a mirror as he grinds into him, balls slapping Michelís hole. After fucking Michel every which way, Lyw pulls Michel on top him, reverse cowboy, and Michel blows a chunky load all over his own chest. Ready to cum, Lyw turns Michel over and fills his ass crack with an incredible thick load. Then the men wash off in the gym shower, soaping each other clean at!

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New At LAVENDER LOUNGE: Race Cooper and Alessio Romero

February 7, 2012 by Black Studz

Alessio Romero and Race Cooper are two important porn stars that are also close friends. They like to push each otherís limits, especially on camera. Alessio is tied to a pole wrapped in cellophane and blindfolded. Race enters with a swagger and torments Alessio, who canít see what is about to happen to him. With a sharp drywall blade, Race starts cutting holes in the cellophane, first the nipples and working his way down to the crotch. After giving the shaft a few stinging slaps, he sucks on it and gets it hard with little effort. With his leather gloves stuffed into Alessioís mouth, Race pulls out some tit clamps and expertly tortures the perky tits of the bound muscle stud. When the time is right, Race removes the cellophane and the blindfold and brings Alessio to his knees to suck his big black cock at!

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