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    New At XTRA INCHES: Brandon Irons, Marc Williams, Pierce Daniels & Troy Punk

    December 31, 2011 by Black Studz

    Brandon Irons, Marc Williams, Pierce Daniels & Troy Punk at www.XTRAINCHES.com!

    Brandon Irons, Marc Williams, Pierce Daniels & Troy Punk www.XTRAINCHES.com!

    New At TWINKS.com: Seth Knight and Jonny

    December 31, 2011 by Black Studz

    We've got little Seth Knight back for a tumble with Jonny in this video. I know you love that inked and tight little bottom boy, so it's a pleasure to bring him back to your screens in another horny little performance at www.TWINKS.com!

    Seth Knight and Jonny free preview video from www.TWINKS.com!

    New At HOT BAREBACKING: Max Middleton and Mike Shawn

    December 31, 2011 by Black Studz

    Max Middleton and Mike Shawn at www.HOTBAREBACKING.com!

    Max Middleton and Mike Shawn free preview video from www.HOTBAREBACKING.com!

    New At THUG ORGY: Dee Truth, Memphitz Creamer, Blaque Rod, Vice, Intrigue and Big Beef

    December 31, 2011 by Black Studz

    Dee Truth, Memphitz Creamer, Blaque Rod, Vice, Intrigue and Big Beef. Our new crew of horny black stallions is back and things are only about to get hotter from here. Don't miss seeing these monstercocks get put to work in some of the hottest action we've seen all year at www.THUGORGY.com!

    Dee Truth, Memphitz Creamer, Blaque Rod, Vice, Intrigue and Big Beef free preview video from www.THUGORGY.com!

    THUGS ON TWINKS Daddy Fuck

    December 30, 2011 by Black Studz

    Light-skinned Latino gets fucked by an ebony thug daddy at www.THUGSONTWINKS.com!

    Black daddy fucks Latino dude preview video from www.THUGSONTWINKS.com!

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    New At CAZZO CLUB: Malik + Pierre Remy

    December 30, 2011 by Black Studz

    Malik gets servered by sweet black apprentice Pierre Remy. First Malik gets his monster cock sucked and then his ass rimmed. Then the turn is on Pierre's little bubble butt. Malik fucks the cum out of Pierres balls and shoots his load right into that black face at www.CAZZOCLUB.com!

    BLACK & BISEXUAL's Junior Carioca, Renata Carpediem, Rik Valencia

    December 30, 2011 by Black Studz

    Wow - South American stunner Renata sure is fucking sexy! She's the kind of girl that would make you stop and stare if you passed her on the street. However, for some reason the two studs that she is fucking today, Junior and Rik, seem to be more into each other then they are in to this hot babe's hot pussy! At first she sucks one of the guys, and then the guys start blowing each other, and all three participants are locked in a hardcore three way oral fuck fest. These guys are definitely more into butt fucking than they are pussy, with one guy bending over and taking it hard in his sphincter while Renata leans forward and kisses him at www.BLACKANDBISEXUAL.com!

    Junior Carioca, Renata Carpediem, Rik Valencia free preview video from www.BLACKANDBISEXUAL.com!

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    DREW BRODY's 10-Inch Black Cock!

    December 30, 2011 by Black Studz

    Drew ’10 inches’ Brody Fucks Ben Collins! Beefy rugby lad Drew has the biggest & thickest cock Ive ever seen, 10 uncut inches & wrist thick.. Ben Collins is the brave lad who takes it on his massive meat, having his throat fucked, & his mouth and arse severely stretched in 3 positions, in this sensational and unmissable scene at Hard Brit Lads. See more of DREW BRODY at www.UKNAKEDMEN.com!

    See more of DREW BRODY at www.UKNAKEDMEN.com!

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    New At RED HOT LATINOS: Trapboyy and Skinny Pimp

    December 29, 2011 by Black Studz

    Light-skinned Trapboyy and midnight beauty Skinny Pimp sit on the couch. "He’s got a tight little black booty," explains Trapboyy, "and I been waitin’ to get in it." The director orders him, "I wanna see a little pain. I don’t want it to be too easy." Trapboyy promises, "I’m gonna fuck this boy stupid." With his shoes still on, Skinny Pimp gets up on all fours and gyrates his hard ass on to Trapboyy’s raw pole. "Don’t stop!" he moans while Trapboyy barebacks his hungry hole, ramming his rod without mercy. "Shoot it in there, daddy!" and Trapboyy complies with a river of jizz dripping out of the hole down his heavy ball sack. "Ready for the second one?" he asks. He sits Skinny Pimp on the couch and delivers even more streams of cum across his face and goatee. Skinny Pimp sucks the head to make sure he’s got it all, sending his own load flying over his tight abs at www.REDHOTLATINOS.com!

    Trapboyy and Skinny Pimp free preview video from www.REDHOTLATINOS.com!

    RAW SWAGGA's 1 Lil Papi 4 Raw Pingas

    December 29, 2011 by Black Studz

    New hungry raw bottom Lil Papi takes on 4 of the biggest and best black cocks at www.RAWSWAGGA.net!

    1 Lil Papi 4 Raw Pingas free preview video from www.RAWSWAGGA.net!

    New At THUG HUNTER: "Crime Is A Pain In The Ass"

    December 29, 2011 by Black Studz

    "Yo so we set up a trap. I got a remote that stops the car from thieves and I left my car keys in my Cadillac. Then we waited in a nearby car for a thug to just waltz on by and steal it. As soon as our target got in, he drove off with no hesitation and we followed him. As soon as we turned the corner I turned off the car and locked the doors. Then I made him pull over to a parking lot near some offices and we pulled him out of the car. He kept on insisting it was his "cousin's" car but as soon as I mentioned police he was ready to do anything to get out of this situation. My trap had been sprung. I told him to suck off my friend Jackson and make him cum" at www.THUGHUNTER.com!

    Crime Is A Pain In The Ass free preview video from www.THUGHUNTER.com!

    New At IT'S GONNA HURT: "Max It Out"

    December 29, 2011 by Black Studz

    Today's Max Gunnar and Izy is no different. The boys did not disappoint! There's hardcore ass fucking, and cock munching and all the pain that comes from shoving and huge cock into an unsuspecting ass hole. Max truly took all of Izy and love every moment of if. IT WAS AWESOME! Check it out and see if you were as excited about this shoot as we are at www.ITSGONNAHURT.com!

    Max It Out free preview video from www.ITSGONNAHURT.com!

    New At RAW AND ROUGH: "OMFG Rips Clip a New Butthole"

    December 29, 2011 by Black Studz

    OMFG (Oh my Fucking God!) is back with another boy that needs some training. This time it's Clip, a young piss hungry pig that craves some huge black cock. Clip gets more than he can handle as OMFG feeds him his hot piss and fills his throat with his fat 13 inch, uncut black mamba. Seeing Clip's little ass get stretched far enough to take all of OMFG's dick was an awesome sight! Yes, a new bottom Porn Pig was born in that moment. After filling a dog dish with piss, OMFG jerks off a huge creamy load into the bowl and feeds it to his newly trained pig boy Clip. These two have great chemistry together and it comes across in this hot scene shot exclusively for www.RawAndRough.com!

    "OMFG Rips Clip a New Butthole" free preview video from www.RawAndRough.com!

    New At BLACK BREEDERS: "Tough Love, Hotel Hookup 1"

    December 28, 2011 by Black Studz

    Taken from Toy Stories (Forbidden FUNK Media), these boys love to play with their toys and they like to play rough and tough at www.BLACKBREEDERS.com!

    "Tough Love, Hotel Hookup 1" free preview video from www.BLACKBREEDERS.com!


    December 28, 2011 by Black Studz

    Malik contacted me out of the blue looking to work in porn. He sent me one photo of himself with a ruler under his dick that clearly read 10 inches. Needless to say, I emailed him immediately, and set up the appointment. Malik had just gotten out of the Army after serving in Iraq. This guy has it all! Besides the big dick and panache of ex-military, he's bald, black, buffed and hairy-chested. See more of Malik at www.LAVENDERLOUNGE.com!

    MALIK free preview video from www.LAVENDERLOUNGE.com!

    New Gay Ebony DVDs!

    December 28, 2011 by Black Studz

    BUY your new gay Black DVDs, including Raw Joxxx's "Go Fuck Yourself", Bacchus' "I Dream Of Black Men", Bacchus' 5-pack "Homies Fucking Homies", Goldmine Entertainment's "Masked Obsessions 2", Gay Raunchy Amateurs' "Dark Meat Hummers 2", and Alkaline's "Black Door Brothas 2", at www.TLAVIDEO.com!

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    ARICA BOYS Uncut Black Lads

    December 28, 2011 by Black Studz

    Hot and joyful twink African lads have first time sex in the wild nature at www.AFRICABOYS.com!

    New At EBONY-D: "The Help"

    December 27, 2011 by Black Studz

    THE HELP. Hmm I wonder if offered would most guys do it with the maintanence man? would you? at www.EBONYD.com!

    New Movies At Univers Black!

    December 27, 2011 by Black Studz

    LONG, HARD AND DEEP! Leon and Rocco are the kind of presents I would have loved to find under my tree on Xmas day. One is an angel-faced, tattooed mixed-race the other a very muscular and hung Black top. The two hotties get together for a rough outdoor fuck on the grass! Yum! A HANDSOME MAN GOES WITH HANDSOME DICK A powerful mixed race man use a dildo while showing off in front of his webcam, straddling in front of the camera, pushing the string off to tet the monster out… His muscles will disturb you, his tattoos will seduce you, his eyes will command you, his cock will make you salivate, like his huge pairs of balls and his beautiful bomb ass. BIG BLACK TOOLS FOR HEAVY D.I.Y. Gangsta Pussy and Mr. Alour are doing a bit of D.I.Y. They're having trouble focussing on the job...They can't stop thinking about sex so...Here they are, kissing, sucking, blowing, licking and fucking as if there were no tomorrow! WATCH THESE NEW VIDEOS at www.UNIVERSBLACK.com!

    BAD PUPPY Ebony Man

    December 27, 2011 by Black Studz

    Swarthy black man gets naked and jerks off his huge hard cock at www.BADPUPPY.com!

    New Aromas At GAY-POPPERS!

    December 27, 2011 by Black Studz

    Four new aromas have been added to the product line at www.Gay-Poppers.com!

    BUY your aromas at www.Gay-Poppers.com!

    EBONY-U's Hung Jock Keyon

    December 26, 2011 by Black Studz

    Fast as lightning... With smooth cocoa skin and a smile that will make you melt. Keyon is a perfect mix of Fratmen and ebonyU. He's already been a pledge at the Fratpad and was recently featured on Fratmen.TV. What better man could we have to be the headline star at ebonyU.com? Beautiful soft full lips, hard dark muscles and big black dick that the Fratpad members nicknamed "keyonconda" at www.EBONYU.com!

    IT'S GONNA HURT's Super Slam

    December 26, 2011 by Black Studz

    Hey people... We got another one for ya! His name is Adam and it's gonna hurt. Adam was all excited to get his asshole reamed until the time came. Then Adam was a screamer begging for Castro to take his giant cock out of his asshole but Castro Supreme wasn't havin any of that noise. So this guy got his ass swelled up! Cum watch this guy Adam get his shit pushed in at www.ITSGONNAHURT.com!

    "Super Slam" free preview videos from www.ITSGONNAHURT.com!

    PISSING.com's Cherry Drinks St8 Stud Pee

    December 26, 2011 by Black Studz

    Cherry Torn drinks pee, Golden shower piss drinker sucks dick of a hunky white guy and a hung black man at www.Pissing.com!

    CHERRY TORN getting hosed with pee by straight men preview video from www.Pissing.com!

    From blog www.GuysPissing4U.com!


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